AUDIOPHONICS PI-SPC REG it does not work

Hello, I have a raspberry pi 4 2GB, with an original 7" raspberry screen and inside the RaspTouch RPI4 Black Chassis box.
from audiophonics, I bought a few days ago, AUDIOPHONICS PI-SPC REG Power Management / Power supply for Raspberry Pi, a 5V 5A power supply for this board, and I can’t get it to work, it gets hot

As start:

  • This board needs to be powered by a 7V to 12V PSU. 5V is to less.

  • Does this work with the rPi4, as They only mention the rPi2 and rPi3?

I think you need to connect with Audiophonics.

sorry I meant 12V 5A

No clue if this will work, but you can take a look:

I understand that it is plug and play, when you turn on volumio, configure the gpio so that the shutdown works.
Thanks, I will consult audiophonics

I have built this in various streamers.
don’t go higher than 10 volts and you should definitely use a heatsink.

you can use the audiophonics on/off plugin.
also works with the Pi 4.

if you keep this gpio pin configuration it works fine.

That’s how I have it on, I guess the plate is bad