Audiophonics - Dual Mono ES9038Q2M DAC

Dear All,

I just stumbled over a new Audiophonics product while roaming of FB - a dual mono ES9038Q2M RPi DAC: … =3&theater

It will include a reclocker and an isolator.

Do you have additional information beside this (really good looking) picture?

Regards from Munich,

It’s not an Audiophonics product, it’s an IanCanada DIY project over on and has been the subject of a recent ‘group buy’ amongst other IanCanada projects.

Is this a real DIY project ? I could not find schematics, gerber files etc.

Audiophonics will sale this DAC as an own Raspberry Pi solution.
Meanwhile some of their RPi DACs have reduced prices, so the release of the new DAC is not so far away.

I am very curios about the price of this DAC. A similar DAC (single ES9038Q2M) costs around 200 EUR as a DIY kit.