Audiophonics Digi problem with volumio 2

Hello, I own a Raspberry Pi B 512M, and an Audiophonics Digi (plugged with a coax cable to a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC). It works perfectly with volumio 1.55 from 44.1kHz 16 bits to 192 kHz 24 bits. But with an up to date volumio 2, there is a huge jitter, only on 192 kHz 24 bits files. Everything else works perfectly, except this.

For information, I use the HifiBerry Digi driver.

I’ve had a look at the system while playing a 192 kHz 24 bits file, and there is no load, a really small cpu usage, no IOwait, no network problem. It really looks like something in the kernel or driver that changed between 1.55 and 2.

If I can do anything to help solving this issue, please just ask :slight_smile: I’ve installed 1.55 and 2 on two different SD cards, so I can easily switch between them.
Thanks for your help.