AUDIOPHONICS DAP / DAC Sabre ES9018 Raspberry PI DAC issue with spotify not playing properly

AUDIOPHONICS DAP / DAC Sabre ES9018 Raspberry PI DAC - Audiophonics

Hi all so this is a long shot, this was given to me to try out, first time messing around with rpi and dacs.

I’m having issues playing spotify with this DAC, in that it’s all distorted. It plays radio, inputs form optical and music saved on my hard drive with no issues.

Soon as i try and play spotify it comes out all distorted, i tried another DAC via USB and it had no issues playing spotify.

I’ve done some research and it seems this DAC board and generally Audiophonics are a pain for support and help.

I’ve tried several settings and it’s still distorted, i’m wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience and knows of any known fixes?

if its going to be a pain id rather just reuse the chassis and replace the dac board with something similar which works a and just plug and play!