audiophile music tracks

waht kind of music doe you hear if you want to examine the overall quality of audiophile equipment ?

Here is my list - including a short explanation for the tracks:

artist - album - title

Toto - IV - Rosanna
Whenever you find such a list, this title is included …:wink:

Suzanne Vega - Solitude Standing - Toms Diner
Was uses during mp3 development - because the pure human voice is a challenge for reproduction

Keith Jarrett Trio - Whisper Not - Round Midnight
My favorite kind of music

Michael Wollny - Wasted and Wanted - Das Model
Piano Explosion

Charly Antolini - Knock Out
The direct cut LP was called “Boxenkiller” - you wont kill up to date equipment anymore, but still challenging

Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters
Frequently used for PA soundchecks

Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms - Money for Nothing
Whenever you find such a list, this title is included as well

Cassandra Wilson - Closer to You - Lay Lady Lay
Voice and Instruments - high dynamics

Thanks for the information.

This topic isnt fresh anymore but I thought A few Tidal Audiophile playlists, mainly great recordings and system demo tracks. Hope you enjoy them, let me know if you do!

‘Acoustic Nice’ … 20113898e6

‘Harbeth’ … 865f8cc2b1

‘The Demo’ … 5b52db3479

Here is my addition.