Audiolab M-One with Raspi and Volumio or other suggestions?

hi all,

i am planning on a new system. in the past i’ve successfully used a raspi + hifiberry dac+ with volumio -> tube amp -> diy speakers.

we moved housed and the “old” setup needs too much space. therefore i am trying to get my head around all the possible options.

here a some things i want to be able to liste to:

  • spotify, tidal
  • bluetooth
  • NAS stored files (flac 44.1 to 192khz)

i don’t have a lot of space, so i am looking for some “smaller sized” amps, dacs etc. budget without speakers is around 1000 euro(s).

so far i tought about the following combinations:

  1. raspi + hat dac + (teac amps?)
  2. raspi + pro-ject pre box s2 + amp (which one?), i like the display of the pre box (bit rate, samping)
  3. raspi + audiolab m-one, (i like the display (bit rate, samping))

i read that the audiolab mdac has problem with linux?

is it possible to use the audiolab m-one as external usb dac? will it be recognized?

so basically i want to build a new system but are overwhelmed with the options :slight_smile:

thanks for your help and help appreciated