audio via usb

anyone knows if raspberry can output audio from usb port?

I would like to connect raspeberry to a dac through usb port.
thanks for your help

No problem, just connect the DAC to an USB port, so far all USB DACs I’ve tried were detected immediately.

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thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Be aware that some USB-DACs do not function right away !!! The current version of Volumio (or linux-kernel or a combination) has problems with certain USB-DACs when you plug it in and start to play your music. The sound may be distorted (too high, too fast and/or with dropouts). In most cases this can be resolved by changing the kernel startup options. Please check the DACs-section audio-usb-dac-nfb11-not-supported-t2221.html for more details on this.

Thanks MSH for your feedback.

I would like to connect raspberry to my external dac. What would be better between the two options I have:

  1. Raspberry + Digital interface and then connect to DAC via coax cable
  2. Raspberry + Gustard U12 usb convertor and then connect to DAC via AES/EBU cable

I know that the second option cost much more then the first one. It would be worth the extra cost?

not sure what you mean with “Digital Interface”? In case you mean an I2S converter there are several solutions: e.g. HifiBerry Digi(+) which has Optical and Coaxial Output. See … html#p7980 ; in the text it points to a video of Hans Beekhuyzen who has quite a lot of (professional) knowledge about digital audio solutions.

I think the Gustard U12 is a nice solution, but since the USB ports are not very well designed on the Raspberry Pi, it may be a bit of overkill to go that path.

I have a CuBox-i2eX, not a Raspberry Pi, but I think the following observations might still apply. I’ve connected the CuBox to the following audio chains: 1) Schitt Audio Bifrost Uber > Schiit Audio Asgard 2 > MrSpeakers Alpha Prime headphones, and 2) Bel Canto C7R DAC-amp > KEF LS50 speakers. I play FLAC from a Synology NAS, from 44.1/16 (CD rips) to 96/24 (digital downloads), mostly jazz, world, and classical, lots of piano and guitar. In all cases, the quality improvement (upper range, stereo imaging) I get by interposing a Bel Canto mLink USB>SPDIF converter (reclocked) between the CuBox and the DACs is quite noticeable.