audio usb

Hi guys
I have googled but I have not found success.
also during the installation procedure, activating the dac usb fiio qmark2 does not detect the audio from usb, there any solution?

More details please. Device, Volumio version, fresh flash?

Can you explain what you mean here please? Installation from where … the ‘Playback Options’ in the UI, or the ‘first installation’ menu? Have you tried from the UI?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but the more information that you can give, the easier it is to see what the problem is :wink:

sorry but I’m Italian and I copy paste with the translator.
therefore, I installed volumio ultima realise

when I access the web and ask me for language name audio outputs, right there with my dac inserted and turned on does not recognize it, while a small USB device ugreen sees it, the dac has a light that if it is blue is active and red is not active, the light is purple, this is also strange. I state that it is a year since I had used it more voluminously, and before it was going. but now I have reinstalled everything without a positive outcome. Rpi3

Firstly, your DAC is not in the list of compatible usb DACs. That doesn’t mean it won’t work, just that no one has reported it as working yet.

If you select the ‘Playback Options’ in the settings, do you have ‘i2s DAC’ set as ‘off.’ If so, what are the options under ‘Output Device’?

Only jack’s e HDMI…

If you know how to ssh into your device and can use the console, then you can check if Volumio is recognising your DAC by typing each of the folllowing commands … post the output from each back here.:

sudo lsusb aplay -l aplay -L

Thanks for help me