Audio input from TV


I would like to add my TV as an audio source to a Raspberry-based Volumio + DAC box.
The TV has RCA audio output ports available (those you would plug a home theatre system onto), and maybe fibre out too.

How do I physically feed that into the Volumio platform?

Thanks for ideas


Thanks Alberto for the question. I have the same problem.
I dont find a way to stream audio from Samsung Smart TV to Volumio.
I also dont know how to get the microphone out or optical out to the raspi with volumio.

An idea would be really appreciated.

Does your Tv have bluetooth or are you using a streaming device which eventually supports bluetooth?
Then you could use this to connect your tv. That’s at least how I do it with a fire tv stick and volumio+allo boss.


I’m not sure if you can plug a usb audio card with audio imput and select it in volumio someway…

Best luck with it, please share your results.

See here: can-volumio-handle-digital-input-other-than-wireless-t9205.html

Hi! Did already manage a way to connect you samsung TV to volumio? Regards!