Audio Injector with Volumio

Hi there,

On the Audioinjector forum, people have reported problems installing volumio.
The Audio injector stereo sound card supports up to 96 kHZ with 32 bit word sizes.

This thread discusses the installation of volumio with that sound card.

Someone has reported getting volumio to work by compiling their own kernel. However the audio injector stereo cards run out of the box with the raspbian kernel.

What is involved in getting volumio support for the audio injector stereo card ?


I don’t know what the problems are with ‘audio injector’ and Volumio, but if it is kernel related then it is possible that the latest test version of Volumio v2.233 with kernel 4.9.31 might already be there.

Hi there,
I now have an installation guide for the 8 channel surround sound Audio Injector Octo + volumio here :

I works nicely … any way to get this on the compatability list ?


Done :slight_smile:

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