Audio Dropouts When Playing Remotely


I’m currently in the first month trial of a Premium subscription. When playing music to a remote device, be it my phone, a laptop, whatever, I experience dropouts in the audio…sometimes a lot, sometimes a few, sometimes not at all for a full album.

I also have a Plex server attached to my music library on-site and I have no trouble streaming outside the house via either the phone Plex app or Plexamp app. I know there’s nothing amiss with my network my servers or my phone. In fact, the Volumio box is slightly more powerful than the Plex box.

Has anyone experienced similar issues with MyVolumio? I’ve been talking to Davide in support and he’s been helpful but I thought I’d ask the community if there’s been similar experiences and if there are some resolutions people have come up with. FYI I’m streaming CD-quality 16/44.1 FLAC content. No hi-res or lower bit rate MP3 content.


I think you are experiencing the same problem that I mentioned here: Play.volumio not so stable

Update: I was able to correlate my times of MyVolumio issues with latency on my cable modem. I setup a continuous ping to and wrote that to a file with timestamps. When MyVolumio got jittery there was a direct correlation to when ping times increased above the mean of 18-20ms to triple digit ms. Pinged my cable company and they did some kind of diagnostic on the modem and thought it might be an issue. Got a new one installed last week and MyVolumio has pretty much been flawless since. Does occasionally stutter at the start of a new playlist or change of queue, but once it gets going it’s spot on. Happy now.

I’m glad you resolved the issue!
Unfortunately, I keep to have problems, especially in two cases:

  • When I’m on my PC, while listening via MyVolumio, if I open other browser tabs (especially if the page has a lot of content to load and therefore increases the load on the connection): several seconds of silence before resuming, track skipping, track restarting etc.

  • When I’m on my phone, if the data signal drops or, again, if I open other apps. Same problems as above.

In my opinion, it would be useful, especially in the case of a weak smartphone signal, to have an on-the-fly transcoding feature to less heavy audio formats (something that, for example, other services like Flex lets you do). I usually listen in flac, but I would gladly accept an mp3 or aac transmission in case of a weak data signal.

Out of curiosity, what browser are you using on the desktop? I did some Wireshark captures and it looks like the streaming is via the QUIC protocol. It was developed by Google. My unsubstantiated observation is that MyVolumio streaming works slightly better in Chrome than Edge or Firefox, especially on mobile. Just a thought.

Thanks for your suggestions. I use Edge on my work PC (where usually I use play.volumio) and Chrome on my Android Smartphone.

I’ve just enabled this settings (via edge://flags/ ) on my work PC, don’t know if it will help.
I’ll let you know.