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this week I bought an UDOO Quad and after some troubles I was able to set up Volumio. Well I connected my USB DAC M2Tech HIFACE (looks like an USB drive pen bright orange in colour) and nothing happened.
Browsing in the playback section I found three different Audio Output:

  • vt1613audio: which works with an earphone even if the volume is quite low, maybe it is an audio output to an external amplifier but this is not what i am looking for ;
  • imxhdmisoc: I suppose this is audio output through HDMI connection anyway no USB DAC output;
  • M20: really I do not know what it is, maybe the DAC output?
    I tried all the options and no sound by the DAC ever sourced.

The question is: is the HiFace DAC supporter by Volumio?
Also because it is a self powered by USB socket DAC and I have on the other USB socket one of my music HD (self powered too) UDOO can manage in term of DC power, both peripherals?



The first Hi-Face is unfortunately not supported… I will try to recompile the drivers for it … But don’t take it as granted…

Well Michelangelo, when I wrote you in our native language I misunderstood, so could you suggest me a USB DAC which works with Volumio (and not very expensive) because I would like to use it in my working room :smiley: .


Raffaello (Audioreview reader)

hifiberry : 30€
and no cracks/pops
I replaced my rega dac via USB by this : 20x less and at least as good !

Unfortunately I have UDOO Quad not Raspberry Pi so I think I cannot connect the HiFiBerry.
Any other possible solution compatible with Volumio?



Have a look at the UAE23+ USB DAC from HiFimeDIY. … duct_id=87

I have the adaptive version and works fine. An async version is also on its way.

It’s about 100 euro freight inclusive with the external power supply: … uct_id=108

If you want something cheap and value for money I suggest you go for it!

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I’ve had the chance to talk with Raffaello, and the problem seems that the volume of the DAC is muted.

You can follow this:

And this will solve it. This is an annoying bug, I should find a solution that prevents this to happen…