Audio Cable extension

I know, this is non-volumio, but i bet you guy’s can help me make a decision.

The cables of my speakers are to short to reach my radio. These cables are connected inside the speaker unit replacing these would require me to open the speaker housing that hasn’t been done since the production in 1991 (yes there old, but they work perfect for me). So opening and rewiring the speakers is not a thing i want to do.

The cable:
[spoiler]speaker cable.png
(need to strip them again)[/spoiler]

The radio:
Kinda self explanatory, the cables from the speaker don’t use any fancy connectors they just get cramped in behind a sping loaded lever.

So my question is;
What is the best way to increase the cable lenght?

And for cables, do i really need audio cable or is a power cable good?

concidering the state and age of your radio-connectors and current cable I would suggest to go for the block-connector (Dutch: kroonsteentje) solution: cut the old wire close to the speakercabinet (leave some length to cut and strip the wire) and buy some new DIY-shop wire (not too flimsy) and then connect the old wire to the new wire. Some electronics-shops sell not-too-expensive stereo-wire, so you can distinguish the “+” and “-” somewhat easier.
I suppose this will do the trick for you. Perhaps not the most “Hi-End” solution, but I guess you could not hear the difference TMHO. :slight_smile: