audio and video via Volumio DLNA

Hi all,

I recently discovered that the You tube sound could be streamed to volumio. Now I can watch on the iPad and listen trough the speakers.
Is there a way to stream audio and video to Volumio so I can whatch it on the TV? What would I need for that?

Could het be as simple as buying a smart TV with DLNA? Or with an Apple TV?

I have a KPN set-top box to watch TV via the internet/ network. The set-top box has an optical audio output. I was planning to build an optical to I2S converter for my DAC to watch TV and Netflix etc. This circuit would bypass the Pi with volumio.
But maybe there might be a DLNA option which I’m not aware of?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


you can use an HDMIi cable from the raspberry pi to the HDMI input of the tv and after that you just have to install and activate the touch display plugin.
this way the volumio interface will be displayed on your TV.

or you take a google chromecast and then mirror the screen of your ipad / tablet/ pc / or mac to your tv where the chromecast is connected.

Thank you,

I tried to login to volumio via the screen but it didn’t take my password. Is it a separate instead of and Volumio.local?


Hm, option 1 doesn’t seem to work. The display blacks out the moment youtube was selected.
I’m not a google fan so I’m not so sure about the chrome cast option. But I might give it a try if I find someone who can borrow me one for one evening.
I hope it will be capable of just mirroring the display and stream the sound to volumio as well.

And Netflix didn’t gave volumio as an option to stream to.

I think you see it wrong, the HDMI only displays the inteface of volumio and then you open a browser on for example your PC and type the volumio ip address or http: //volumio.local/.
there is only the interface displayed on your TV … you can’t do anything else there.

see the link below: Quick Start Guide from volumio.