Audial S5 Dac connection with Volumio

Hi all,

I was wondering whether anyone in the Volumio community is using an Audial S5 Dac? It would be great to get in touch as I am getting one soon.

Thanks and regards,

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I wonder if anyone can help me - Does Volumio support 4 channel? The S5 Dac is a 4 channel Dac.

Nope, Volumio only supports 2-channel stereo at the moment.

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Thanks for the quick response.

I’ve just joined the community after my dealer recommended the rivo with the audial s5. Hopefully you can advise soon how it works together. 5 weeks before I receive the updated version of the S5

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This looks interesting.

I am looking forward to getting mine.

I heard the S4 and it really was sublime. I’m hoping that the S5 is even better.

I’m going purely on my dealer’s recommendation & some reviews. I will be getting the new version of the s5, the s5b I think they are calling it, black version. At the moment playing around with the riva, can’t get it to find my nas drive, not as straight forward as other streamers, all fun I suppose :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the S5b.