ATX Raspi power button script causes Volumio 2 to crash


I am trying to run a script ‘’ in Volumio 2 that initiates commands to allow an ATX power button to function. FYI the product is ATX Raspi by Low Power Labs and has a very clear installation instruction on the LPLab website

Having run the script as per the LPLabs instruction all appears ok however on reboot after installation Volumio crashes. I have made 3 attempts without success. Having described the problem on the ATX Raspi forum, the inventor of the product has come back with the following queries. Being a total novice I am not absolutely sure what he is asking in regards to the term ‘distro’ and the use of rc.local:

“No known issues on RPi3.
Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with what distro is used by Volumio and whether it uses rc.local or not.
The script is simply copied on your disk and then bootstrapped into rc.local where it is kicked off during boot. So there are a few assumptions made but in general major distros have no issue. There’s an alternative script for open Elec because of some differences in how that one is setup. See it all explained here”

Can anyone clarify his queries please? I am assuming Volumio does use rc.local as I have typed sudo nano etc/ rc.local and can read the ‘shutdownchecksetup’ script.

It is worth noting that after a few teething problems and your assistance I installed the same switch successfully on an RPi2 running Volumio 1 and has been working seamlessly ever since so I have no reason to doubt compatibility

Any assistance will be gratefully received. Thank you

Whoops I made a typo! The first line of my last post should read:

‘I am trying to run a script ‘’ in Volumio 2’