attribute menu for audio disks (NAS)

I’m using Volumio with latest patch level on my PI3 with a raspbian 7" touch screen attached.
My audio data are on a NAS system which I step to with the “music library” feature in “browse”.
When I see the list of disks of an artist, I cannot start disk 2 and 3 from there because the attribute menu item (Play) on the right disappears outside of the disk list box (see pictures attached). Disk 1 and 4 (not added) and further on are OK. Here the attribute menu item “Play” appears.
In other folders all first disks are unable to start because “play” button is invisible. I highly depends on how many disks are stored AND I’m quite sure the language of the GUI of Volumio.
Hope that you can find the reason for that bug
Thanks for your good job
3 CloserTo - attribute menu.jpg
2 ChersGreatest - attribute menu.jpg
1 Believe-attribute menue.jpg

The error seems to exist since a few years now :frowning:


Does anybody read the bug reports here ?