Atmos > HDMI output using Tidal Connect?

Hey all,

Does Volumio support Atmos multi channel output over HDMI? I’ve seen that there is Tidal Connect support if I pay for Premium, which I’m very happy to do, but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up the rPi etc if I can’t do Atmos.


Hi. Did you ever figure out an answer to this question?

maybe this will give you a anwser :

that forum talks about kodi… I want to know how to make Volumio pass atmos to the receiver.

No, i can’t advice you on that.

fair enough… if volumio lacks the caps to pass atmos or any multi channe music I dont se the rationale for people to bother with Volumio as running the app on windows provide much more capabilites wrt Tidal than what Volumio may provide. If you run Linux or Ubuntu and want to play Tidal you just fire up virualbox and run windows in it to get MQA and stuff… No Atmos there but there is no Atmos in Volumio either.

I have a paid subscription of Volumio. I have installed volumio on a pc and on a raspberry pi 4, but volumio appears not to provde any additional value for me. I may run Tidal natively on my windows and linux box and get much more Tidal functionalty.

i just have a free account so i don’t have any subs to the streaming services mqa i could play true the dragonfly’s but don’t have a lot of those. and i’m more a pc guy then a linux.