ASUS Tinker Board S R2.0

I want to build a Volumio streamer with the new Tinker Board S R2.0. From what I can see it is the same CPU (facelift) as the old Tinker Board which is supported.
Is the ASUS Tinker Board S R2.0 supported by Volumio 3?


Would also like this information, seems very hard to get information as to which asus tinker board that is actually supported by volumio OS, kind of strange. Why not simply publish which tinker board is supported ?

Only Thinkerboard 1S is supported

Ok, thank you!

Considering you can’t get S in Europe, it’s kind of useless in terms of support a hardware that’s not available anymore. (Not on Amazon or local retailers from what iv seen)

Only S R2.0, which you say is not working ?

May work without wireless, not supported though.

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