[Asus Tinker Board] Announcement

Hi all,

The Volumio Team is happy to announce the first pre-release for the Asus Tinkerboard :smiley:
Everyone with a Tinker board and a free uSD card, this is where you can download our first pre-release:
Download Location
Our contacts at Asus received and tested our images as well, we are working with them on open issues.

What works audio-wise:

  • HDMI Audio Out
  • 3.5" Audio Jack Out (Headphone)
  • A number of Class 2 USB Audio devices
    (i2s DAC’s are still under evaluation, updates to follow later)

Other support

  • Fixed IP and DHCP (default HDCP)
  • Music library on NAS via NFS
  • Music library on NAS via SMB/ CIFS
  • Music library on USB devices via AutoFS
  • Music library on booted uSD device
  • eth0 and built-in WiFi (with hotspot for first logon)
  • Spotify (premium account required)

Apart from the i2S limitations and plugins (untested, except a working Spotify), all other standard Volumio features seem to work out-of-the-box.

Happy testing,

– Gé –

I am currently running v2.341 of the Asus Tinker Board port of Volumio, and appreciate all the work that has gone into making this available. However, I wanted to make you aware of a small issue, namely the OTA update feature of Volumio doesn’t seem to work in the ATB port.

Prior to this version, I was running the initial release from May 2017, which didn’t support I2S DACs. When I saw that a new release was available, I wanted to use the OTA update feature of Volumio to update my system to the new release, but when I click the ‘Check Updates’ button it said I am already on the latest version.

The same thing happens with v2.341. I saw in the Download section that a new release (v2.349) is available, but when I click the ‘Check Updates’ button, it thinks I’m already on the latest version, and the only way to update to the new release is to start from scratch by downloading it manually and burning it on a micro SD card.

Otherwise, thanks for a great system. Keep up the good work.