Assembling the raspberry pi system

Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions regarding assembly of raspberry pi and volumio.

  1. I have a usb dac topping D10s so I’m wondering if it would work if I connected it to the raspberry pi so I don’t have to install the HIFI Berry. That DAC of mine doesn’t have a separate power supply.
  2. Would I have to install a separate power supply since I would like to connect the aforementioned DAC to the raspberry pi and I have an external 2.5" HDD of 2tb without additional power supply.
  3. What power supply should I get for my raspberry pi.
  4. I would put it all in the HIFI 2000 GALAXY GX388 Aluminum Case, so should I install a fan to cool the Raspberry Pi.
  5. Please someone explain it to me or I already have it explained on the forum so just post the link.

your Rpi is not a battery pack, so this will certainly fail.
You need a PSU 5.1V 4A with 3 outputs to be safe. Or if you have only 1 output use a splitter to get 3. Something like this one.

In this case your can power the rPi from one output, your DAC from one output and HDD from one output.
Your biggest problem will be the peak current of the HDD. If this causes the rPI to drop below 4.85V on USB, the rPi will get in self protect and everything will fail.

Hi Wheaten and thank you for your reply, but my DAC is powered via USB and the external HDD is powered via one USB, it does not use any additional power. So would it work on a raspberry pi or would I have to change those components of mine since they don’t use additional power supplies.

The DAC will most likely causo no issue, but I would replace the the HDD case by a powered one.

Thanks again, I will also replace the HDD housing. And if I put an m2 ssd rack, I would have problems.

you prob. will have the same issues:
The rPi has a Max combined currrent of 1.2A on USB.
Since the M2 runs on 3.3V, the current will be between 3W/3.3V and 10W/3.3V => 0.9A and 3A

M. 2 SATA SSDs: These SSDs consume between **0.30-2 watts in idle mode, 2-6 watts when reading, and 3-9 watts when writing data** . M. 2 PCI-Express NVMe SSDs: These devices consume around 0.50-3 watts when idle, and 2-8 watts and 3-10 watts when reading

Thank you. Which 8 to 13-inch touch screen would you recommend? I see that the screen would have to have an external power supply.

I would go for a HDMI Waveshare screen.
They have documentted everything very well, great support and not much issues with the “Touch Display” plugin.
I have the 7.9 Inch version which work flawless.

Thanks! And should I install a fan in the aluminum housing to cool it all down?

Difficult to say. The rPi4 can get a bit warm. But it’s a pretty big case, so passive cooling might do the trick.
If you opt for active cooling, choose a PMW fan, so it can be throttle down.

Hello friends, I have a question regarding the x86 configuration and the touch screen LCD screen. I have a Foxconn Nano PC AT-5570 on which volumio is installed and it works great, and the next question is, I would like to insert my components into the HIFI 2000 GALAXY GX388 Aluminum Case and put an 11.9-inch touchscreen, so I am interested in whether the touchscreen would work when I connect it via HDMI.

Yes stick with waveshare.

I have one more question, would Peppy Meter work on that x86 configuration with a touchscreen display or does it only work on the raspberry pi.

It will work, maybe you should read some forum topics :wink: