ASF playlist for webradio (Cubox beta1)


I am runninng volumio on an original Cubox(not Cubox-i) (version beta1). I have added all the BBC national streams fine using a script to update the true stream addresses every hour but have run into a snag with my local radio station. These do not appear to be published as .pls playlists as per the national streams but in another form. The link to the stream playlist is, which appears to be a poorly formed .asx playlist containing:


On my laptop the command ‘vlc lrcumbria’ works fine; on volumio, this file appears in the WEBRADIO directory but does nothing when clicked on. I have tried renaming it ‘lrcumbria.asx’, tightening up the formatting of the asx file but nothing gives. ‘mpd --version’ suggests that both the asf media format and the asx playlist format are supported.

There doesn’t seem to be a bug report for this anywhere else so I’m submitting it. Is there a later build for Cubox I can try to see if it’s been fixed? (beta1.1 appears to be out for a couple of platforms, not Cubox?)