Artist View Images?

Under browse artist view (either the grid or list) Volumio is showing art work not in any of my album folders. Most are are just showing a default picture. Is there a way to control what image is displayed for an artist especially when I have multiple albums for any one artist?

Just installed Volumio 2, and noticed the same thing: many artists with default image, some with a subfolder album cover, some with images that aren’t on files tags or folders (maybe sourced from the internet?)
How to control these images?


Sorry - I can’t help the OP with his problem. I came here looking for the answer to similar questions but having wasted another 2 hours of my life I have concluded the answers don’t exist anywhere on this site (or any other I could find). If I knew the answer to this question I would be very happy to help the OP.

I am appalled at the lack of support in this forum. You only have to look at the number of topics with only 1 post to see that nobody cares. That, together with the total lack of suitable guides for someone just getting started will ensure that this project fails. It’s a great shame because the concept is great and the bits that are obvious work well.

My guess is that most of the users have ‘grown up’ with Volumio and have assimulated their knowledge from the various releases and through trial and error. I have been an (active) member of the Kodi forum for many years and the difference between that (very successful) product and Volumio is stark. I like the product and would like to understand it better but it seems that if you are not a member of the ‘special’ club you have no chance.

Such a shame.



search for artist images

See the 2nd result.

Took less than 2 minutes. :unamused:

Please don’t make the assumption that someone asking questions is an idiot… I already spent loads of time searching on the forum and Google and have looked at each of the threads returned from this forum. Not one of those provides an answer to the problem. Most have them have petered out with no conclusion. Pointing someone to Google is condescending and doesn’t further their knowledge.

The BIG problem is that there are no useful guides for the basics. There should be some basic help available but if you look at the ‘Guides’ section of Help and Troubleshooting it is full of posts from people with problems. Surely someone is moderating these posts? A section for Guides should contain guides - nothing else. If someone has a problem with a guide then fine - post it in the appropriate thread.

I wish I knew enough about Volumio to write some guides. I was hoping I could gain enough knowledge and then be able to contribute here. I have a huge amount of experience with databases, particularly MySQL and with php but it is of no use to me if I can’t even find basic information to get me started.

If someone could tell me where to find enough info to understand the basics, including things like ‘How does the Artist Picture get selected and where is it stored?’ I would be very pleased. Such knowledge could lead to some constructive ideas that may make the whole Volumio experience better for everyone.

Here’s hoping…

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@liberator: Nice way to introduce yourself, couldn’t have done better :wink:

Please, let’s all take it easy a bit, nobody is assuming anything.
Remember, this is a forum where forum members, moderators and devs all try to help other members at best effort.
We will not be able to guarantee that every single problem/ question is treated with the attention it deserves.
We are trying to improve and added extra moderators lately to help and we plan to reorganize the forum too.
Our goal is to make it more user friendly, it should also help in this case where posts get left behind more or less unnoticed.

Don’t be appalled because of something like this, there is no reason to.
The project is not going to fail because of a “few” unanswered posts.
But the project will fail if devs don’t set the right priorities and not spend enough time on the critical issues.
Volumio 2 is a complete rewrite, not a “next release”, there still are things unclear to users and still things that do not work yet.
Edit: Yes, there is a rule for displaying artist/folder images, we’ll get this published here.

And please people, don’t mix previous versions with 2.0. That makes no sense, it is like comparing apples and pears.

– Gé –

The albumart “issue” is something that goes on since the release of Volumio2, and we’ve explained many times why it works this way. I agree with you that its not that easy to find.

But you can look here:

This is the significant bit you want to read:

Basically, when we browse by artist, there is no way to know where files are stored (from mpd) therefore we rely on internet search to show the artist picture. On top of that, it would make no sense to show a local albumart file of a particular album for an artist…

In any case this weekend we’ll release a new update which significantly improve albumart behaviour, with the ability to disable internet search and select albumart quality.

Thank you for your replies michelangelo and gkkpch - it has ( partly:-) ) restored my faith in the forum.

I have had a good look at mpd and there is no ‘out of the box’ way to get all album names grouped by artists, with their file paths. Of course it would be possible if the data from mpd was put in to a database that could run queries…

Off topic but related - another thing that strikes me is that updating the local database is incredibly slow if your library is on a NAS. The current structure of Volumio means that every client using the NAS library has to build its own database. Has anyone looked at using the Satellite Database option in mpd? Provided the NAS can run mpd then all clients can share that database and updates to the database are lightning quick. I don’t think it would need much changed in Volumio to have this as an option… I don’t know Volumio well enough yet to take this on but maybe in the future if nobody else does it.


Yes, it seems that the only way to make albumart behave like “purists” :smiley: would like, would be setting up a separate database. It is something we will need to do at a certain poing… (ning-yu, you were right!!!)
But for now, we have other priorities. But sure, this will be looked after in the future

As for the satellite db, remember that you need to have an mpd instance working on your NAS, and this is something nearly nobody has… But, as an option it could be worth the hassle… Do you have any coding skills to help us deliver it?

I really don’t know Volumio well enough to contribute much at this stage. I did have a look at your problem trying to get all album names grouped by artists, with their file paths. It can be done fairly easily using mpc and a little help from ‘sed’ and ‘sort’ (neither of which I have used much before!) but I’m sure this is something you know about. Anyway, the following will produce a .csv list of all artists, their albums and the path for each (at least it does on my 2 installations). No doubt it can be optimised by someone who knows better…

mpc -f [,%artist%,%album%,%file%] listall | sed '/^,/!d'>artists.csv; sed -i 's/.[^/]*$//' artists.csv; sed -i 's/^,//' artists.csv
sort -u artists.csv -o artists.csv

Anyone using a NAS running on a pc or a sbc can (in most cases) run mpd with their NAS. My NAS is running on a $8 NonoPi Neo with Armbian and it runs mpd fine! I have a fair amount of experience with php and may be able to put something together once I have become more familiar with Volumio but my guess is that someone with the experience already could put this together pretty quickly.

mpc -f [ARTIST:%albumartist%\ ALBUM:%album%\ PATH:%file%] listall|sed -e 's/.[^/]*$//' -e '/^ARTIST/!d'|sort -u>sorted.txt

This writes a file sorted.txt (as an example) - Albums and their path sorted by Albumartist. Is this the type of thing that is needed?

Yes, but we need it directly from mpd if possible

New to Volumio and just found out it does not read the image tag.

I did disable “web album art” and have a folder.jpg but don’t see the album cover?

Why not?:

Bad Company <- artist folder

  • folder.jpg <- artist image
  • 1988 - Dangerous Age [CD] (Atlantic 81884-2 US) <- album folder
    — folder.jpg <- cover image

i’m curious about this as well. it seems like the only way for artist images to show is by websearch rather than locally stored images in the artist folder of the directory. am i wrong? does anyone have artist images working from local images? album art works. why not artist art/thumbs?

I have bought Pi3+IQaudIO DAC Pro combo and look forward to receive it =)

Meanwhile, i would like to optimize my music library to make it work with Volumio; i’ve read a lot about the “cover issue”, but the vast majority of the messages are from 2016.

This is what i find digging into the forum:
-Volumio does not use embebbed cover art, so i can get rid of them, right?
-I have to place a jpg file called “folder” (or “cover”?) in the Album folder to make Volumio able to find it WITHOUT searching on the web. This for the ALBUM art only, because there’s an issue with ARTIST art, right?
What about the size of the file? i ask this becasue the system i am using is able to read embebbed flac covers BUT only if the jpg was 500x500 pixels AND less than 100kb so I spent literally hours to download-resize-tag every single file =)

Last but not least, does Volumio read TAGS or follow Folders to sort the Library? so, will it read artist and album name from tags or will it display those info as the folders into they are located?

Thank you in advance.


Hi dracolich

As I spend some time to figure out how title, artist and cover are used in Volumio,
I’m quite sure that the following statements are true (at least for version 2.246):

a) Embedded cover art is ignored - but is doesn’t disturb correct function of Volumio either
b) cover.jpg file in album folder works fine (about the Artist art I don’t know nothing yet, but would agree to your post)
c) I used 500x500 jpgs around 100KB , some definitively bigger without any problems

I hope you will enjoy your Volumio combo (I’m running the IQAudio also , and I’m really happy with it)
So long, SwissPhazer

Like yourself I spend a great deal tagging and having high quality album art.

  1. Don’t get rid of your embedded art. The next release of volumio will be able to read embedded album art. Plus if you use any other music player it reads embedded art so you might as well keep it.
  2. I use 1000px x 1000px 72dpi art for all my covers
  3. Volumio reads tags as well as folder names. I learned this the hard way the other day because some of my DSD files wouldn’t appear. Volumio reads Artist, Album Artist, and Album tags for sorting purposes.

Tips for Directory Structure

  1. You can use either a heirarchy or a flat folder structer. Meaning Music/Artist/Album or Music/Artist-Album or whatever you prefer. I use Artist/Album now so I can store Images associated with the artist for when I use Kodi or Emby.

i have also learned that Volumio does not read images inside the Artist subfolders but only scrobbles for artist images. It would be nice if it it searched for Local First then scrobbled

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Thanks to both of you! =)


So, any progress with Artist Art? Currently Volumeio doesn’t seem to be able to handle artist art other than attempting to download it from web - which is too often futile. Anyway I have all the artist art, and it is SO irritating that Volumio ignoreo it…

+1 for the ability in Volumio to look in the Artist folder for local art (probably needs some config options as the folder structure could be different for users) or one special folder containing pictures with the artist name

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