Artist Ooyy not loading on Tidal


Strange problem here - I am auditioning Qobuz and Tidal against each other both through MyVolumio on version 2.673.

When I go to Tidal and either search for the Artist ‘Ooyy’ with the search box or select the artist via the artist page, I see the artist listed under “Tidal Artists”, however when I click on the artist instead of getting a page full of albums I just get a blank page with no albums to click on…

There are 12 albums by this artist which are accessible via the iPhone Tidal app, desktop app etc…

However when I search for Ooyy via Qobuz in Volumio it works normally. Anyone else noticed specific artists do not appear in Tidal in MyVolumio ?

I have not noticed any other artists with this problem yet however I have not exhaustively searched my artists yet.

Has there been any progress on this bug ? I assume it’s some sort of problem processing album metadata from Tidal.

I’ve noticed something that may help - if you look via the Windows Tidal application the artist Ooyy on Tidal does not have any Albums in the “Albums” category. They only have albums showing up in the “EP & SIngles” and “Appears On” categories, despite the fact that the EP’s have albums with multiple songs and they are in fact normal albums.

It seems that Tidal has misclassified all Ooyy’s Albums as “EP & Singles”, and that Volumio is getting confused by an Artist with no “Albums” ?

I checked two other Artists who have both “Albums” and “EP & Singles” available - the Volumio web interface only shows and makes availble the Albums, the EP & Singles are not available at all, so this seems to be a fairly significant bug. :frowning:

Not seeing this problem with Qobuz.

Any devlopers reading this ?

Each time there is an update to Volumio I check hoperfully to see whether this bug has been fixed but some 9 months later this bug is still here.

It is not curently possible to see or play albums on Tidal which are classified under “EP & Singles” in the Tidal user interface. They simply don’t show up in the Volumio interface at all.

This is particularly apparent with Ooyy because for some reason all his albums are classified by Tidal as “EP & Singles” even though many are full albums, however all the other artists I have checked which have a mix of “normal” Albums and “EP & Singles”, the EP & Single albums are missing.

Is there any possibility this can be fixed please ? It’s a little disapointing to be subscribing to My Volumio for so long and still not even be able to acces all my Tidal music without resorting to Airplay from my Phone as a workaround, or even have an acknowledgement of this bug or any indication of whether it is being worked on or not.

How many other My Volumio subscribers are browsing through Tidal artists and missing out on all the albums classified as EP & Single without even realising ?

Another good example is the artist “TheFatRat”. Only two albums listed in the Volumio UI, in Tidal itself there are those two albums, and an additional 28 albums under EP & Singles not visible in Volumio.