Artist Art Suggestions

After using Volumio for a couple of weeks now after coming off YEARS with RuneAudio (not that’s it’s germane) there’s a few things at first blush I think would be nifty.

  1. I have a library with a lot of artists that whatever service you’re using to find artist artwork will never find. While I’m 110% comfortable with the Linux command line (every day), I think it’s a lot to ask a less technically inclined user to create folders in /data/albumart/personal/artist, SCP or SSH files to Volumio, and edit the .json. Maybe on the artist page there could be an upload that would create the proper folder and place the image and .json in the folder? That would seem like an easy thing to do?

  2. While on the subject of artist art, it would be nice to have an option to update an artist singly rather than having to dump the entire album art cache. Again, that would seem fairly easy to implement. I’m not a programmer though so you tell me :slight_smile:

Gotta tell you, the first two weeks have been really good. But those are two convenience things that would make it easier for ME anyway :slight_smile:


  1. No need to edit json files. Just /data/albumart/personal/<artist>/Artists.jpg and volumio pick it up.
  2. Volumio runs on MPD, there is no dB just a zip text file with the album content. SO no easy way to get this done. However this has been asked a lot of times, but needs some mayor refactoring of code.