Artist and Album Art


I’m fairly new to Volumio and I like it so far since it has a lot of potential. I have a couple of questions and I can’t seem to find an answer for it:

  1. Re album art I’m relaying entirely on the internet fetching. When playing music in Groove player on windows (default player), it finds and displays the album art in the player. The songs have all the info about the track#, album, album release date etc, enough for groove to find it on the web. Doing the same thing on Volumio with the same music it can’t find any album art. Where does volumio look for it on the web and is this customizable in any way to make as good a groove in windows?
  2. Volumio can’t find album art on the web however it has no problem finding artist art. If there is no solution to q1, is there a way to display the artist art instead of the album art?