Argon One V2 problem audio out

Hello. The latest version of Volumio + Raspberry Pi 4 + audio ChipDip RasPi DSP Machine 2. Everything is working fine, the sound is coming. I transfer the Raspberry Pi 4 to the Argon One V2 case and connect it to the card with a 40-pin cable and the sound stops going to the audio outputs. The program shows that everything is playing. The loop is working, I checked it. Can anyone tell me what?

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… ChipDip sound card outputs. It seems that the conflict is due to the GPIO that controls or uses Argon One V2 (for example, IR on 23 pin)

you have IR and the power button

I didn’t understand the question. I do not use IR, the Argon One power button is set to always on with a key. Yes, by the way, when switching the hardware key on the Argon One board to the power control position, there are periodic clicks in the speakers…

Both IR and Power button (pin=26) have a reserved GPIO. It doesn’t matter if you used it. If your DAC uses one of these pins, it can interfere with the DAC, which seems to happen.

I think so too.But how can you find out exactly and fix it?

The argon uses a hardware board, so there is no fix. So get a different case, remove the board or use an USB DAC.

Thanks. There were such thoughts, but I hoped for a miracle… Sadly… Thanks.