ARC-CEC soundbar control?

My apologies if this is a stupid question:

If you connect a Pi3-Volumio to an ARC-CEC soundbar or soundbase by HDMI cable will it be possible to power on the bar / base and then control its volume from the Volumio GUI? The bar / base would be entirely independent of a TV. Used as a combined amp + speaker.

Thanks for your help.

Should work … it’s a case of “suck and see” I think (I’m presuming that there’s some sort of DAC in the soundbar).

I’m assuming the same. How else could they work?

I should make it clear that I don’t have an arc-cec bar or base at present. And as it’d be quite a pricey experiment I hoped someone might have some previous experience.

If it’ll work then I’m hoping to put a touchscreen + pi + bar / base system for an elderly relative. Something simple they can control from a tablet screen without having to get up and switch on a system or hunt for an amplifier remote.