ApplePi DAC volume control?

I’ve got the ApplePi DAC, largely because of @michelangelo’s review, and it sounds really good. The only thing is the volume control in Volumio; it doesn’t make any difference. I’m assured that there is software volume control, so can anyone please point me to where to look?


Chris M

Playback Options -> Volume Options -> Mixer type -> Select software

Beware that this will decrease sound quality

Damn, never thought of that…

Ta muchly, @Michelangrlo

Yep, that works. In the reduced volume I need for night-time listening, the quality issue isn’t so great, so that I can remove this setting for the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony as needed …

Here’s interesting; in switching to ‘Software’, all other options have disappeared. It’s not possible to switch away from the Software mixer, as the only other choice now is ‘None’, which doesn’t do much. Is this behaviour expected?

Chris M

Hmm, needed a restart before the ‘None’ mixer did anything. Might be a point to put a restart trigger in whenever the Mixer is changed…