Apple TV app or way to load Volumio in a browser in tvOS?

I’ve searched around a bit and created this forum account to ask, but does anyone know a clean way to just load Volumio in a web browser on tvOS?

I don’t really need control (but would be nice) but would love to have it up at parties. I’m running on a Raspberry pi and could look into HDMI out but haven’t taken the plunge yet.

Hi Tealio,

If your pi is not to far from your TV, I’d suggest to go for the HDMI connection. It’s quit simple. Hook up the cables and change the output device in the setup menu of Volumio. If you want to see the music being played as well, just install the plugin and switch it on. I believe it’s called the touch screen plugin.

Using the browser in the tvOS to see the Volumio screens is also simple. As long as your TV is connected tot the same LAN, just enter volumio.local in the address bar of the browser. You wouldn’t be hearing the sound on the TV though.