Apple AirPlay from Applications

I use AirPlay to play Apple Music to my Volumio device. Originally, I could stream music from Apple Music on my Mac mini to Volumio while keeping other sounds/notifications going to the internal Mac mini speaker. Now, when I select my Volumio device in Apple Music (or any other app), it appears to connect, but continues to use the internal speaker. I can change the output device from the Control Center to the Volumio device to successfully send everything to Volumio and that works. I can still use AirPlay to stream from specific apps to other devices normally (one app at a time). I can also use other devices, like my phone, to stream to Volumio normally. I performed a factory reset on my Volumio device - no change, which makes sense - I don’t think there is anything wrong with the Volume device.
Is it possible that I changed an Apple setting to something that Volumio doesn’t support at an application level? I appreciate any advice as to where I should start looking.
I found the /dev/ URL - When I connect from an app, there are no new log events created. When I connect from Control Center (which works) I see lots of events. This makes be believe that the issue is with the app. - I would still appreciate any troubleshooting ideas.

Update - I disabled UPNP Renderer and DLNA Browser on the Volumio device and now everything is working as expected.