Appearance on a HDMI screen compared to on browser or app, especially for Contemporary UI

Dear all, I have a Rivo and I have a question:
The appearance of the Contemporary user interface is different on a screen attached to HDMI than on the app or a web browser. It’s much more simple, without e.g. the bottom bar with the playing song info also in the “Browse” section. I contacted the support and they told me that variations are not unusual and depend on screen resolution. However, I tested with Full HD (1920 x 1080), 4K (3840 x 2160) and screens with other resolutions and it always had the same different appearance with HDMI.

Question: Did anyone get via HDMI the Contemporary UI looking like on the web browser or on the app on a tablet, as on the picture (hopefully :slight_smile: ) attached, on a Rivo or any other device running Volumio 3?

Additional information: Background is on one hand that I really appreciate the Contemporary UI with its bottom bar with song information (similar to Manifest UI) and quick access to setting, Browse etc. On the other hand I’m considering getting independent of my Wifi, attaching a screen and a USB mouse to the Rivo and using that as primary control. But I would only do this with the Contemporary UI looking like on the attached picture.

No one? If anyone with a screen at HDMI (for whatever device running Volumio) comes across this entry and could make a screenshot of the Contemporary user interface on that screen I would be really really glad :grinning:

Thank you!

Hi can you please send a picture of the appearance?

Yes sure, above (in my first post) you can see the appearance I’d like to have, from a computer via browser via Wifi.
Here you can see the appearance via HDMI, which I don’t want to have (no bottom bar, no side bar on the left).
(Sorry for the bad contrast, it’s a picture from a screen from a Full HD video projector.)

Ain’t there a button on your TV remote, where you can select the screen size like full, fit?

I had the same issue on mine. I solved by changing the zoom (or overscan) setting from the tv itself

Thanks for your posts! Well, the photo I posted is from a Full HD projector with a native 1920 x 1080 resolution; the Rivo also sent 1920 x 1080 to this projector; and the screen was fully filled. Overscan was also switched off (it was set to “native”, not “normal” or similar).
For a computer monitor I have, the screen looks like on the photo I have posted as well, whatever size I choose (1:1, 16:9 etc.). These different sizes only influence the stretching or crushing of the appearance, but not the contents. It’s always as posted.

@volumio, was your experience (changing the zoom/ overscan) with a Rivo?

Have a read HERE, with a possible solution / work around

Thanks for your efforts, I really appreciate. My issue has nothing to do with overscan however:
Looking at the 2 photos I posted above, the upper one (on a laptop browser via wifi) has a whole additional bar on the left side (with my name, Favorites, Playlists etc.), whereas on the right side there’s nothing more than on the photo of my video projector’s screen (bottom photo), connected via HDMI. Furthermore, the bottom bar on the upper photo (laptop browser wifi; with title, artist, Play bottom etc.) is not just missing on the bottom HDMI one, on the bottom one there are different things at the bottom: the Browse, Playback and Queue choice.
Furthermore, I have overscan switched off via setting the screen size to “native”, according to the Sharp projector’s manual " The image is displayed according to the original input signal.".
So it’s really a different thing between Wifi and HDMI with the Contemporary UI. Could it be that it has something to do with the Rivo?

Something that I have just realised.
Your laptop screen capture is infact displaying the contemporary UI.
But… the screen capture of the display of the projector is displaying the Classic UI.

Strange indeed.
Try switch back and forth to see if they sort their self out.

Yes M1ck, you are right! Thank you. I haven’t realised. When I choose Contamporary or Classic UI, I always get the Classic interface via HDMI. Switching does not change anything. But choosing the Manifest UI displays the Manifest UI via HDMI.
What to do? Shall I contact the support (as Rivo owner) again with this new/detailed information/ problem descruption?

@volumio could you please check?

Dear all, I’ll really appreciate if you check it. I also created a new request ( GDSC-2753) now with the correct title/description (" Rivo does not show Contemporary UI via HDMI").