App for Windows Phone?


I recently changed from Android to Windows Phone (8.1).

Is there any development going on for an Volumio-App for Windows Phone (8.1/10)?

Kind regards


Well that’s what I’d like to know.
It would be helpful if it was explicitly stated whether windows phone is supported or not.
Have tried volumio.local - blank screen.
Have tried the bonjour.exe link, didn’t work.
Working fine from pc but then what would be point of that?

there is no official app for windows phone (nor android or ios). but you can use your web browser by typing the ip adress of your device in the url field. Try to set a fix ip from your router, a add a shortcut :wink:

Thanks for quick response - there is hope after all - though I would appreciate a step by step guide.
Don’t know if it’s win 10 I’m not yet au fait with or phone apps in general.
Just got it (Pi2 & Hifiberry DAC Pro+) working today. Easy-peasy to install on pc.
Lashed up at moment to PC speakers & ethernet cable.
Once I get wifi adaptor it’ll be plugged into hifi.

I have added a set of icons to the UI for apple, android and windows touch devices that is currently waiting to be merged. That will allow you to add the volumio web UI to your device home screen with a nice icon and it will then behave very much like an app.

on my W10-tablet I use Chimney. Not sure you can use this on WP also.

Thanks, I had tried Chimney and it did allow me some functionality.
However, where Volumio on PC allowed me to play anything, chimney required me to first set up a playlist using the PC.
Too many projects on the go at moment.
I need to decide how to implement permanently.
I have spare HDD but do I get expensive NAS enclosure (£50-100, also useful for back-ups) or cheap USB enclosure (£12, not networked )?
I have no spare rear phono inputs on HiFi - do I “lose” an existing source, use front inputs or modify (my home built) pre-amp.
Do I even mount the Pi inside the pre-amp (it would be easier if there was more room on rear panel for USB/network connections).
It’s all decisions!