API for (TTL) serial communication with Volumio

Hi all,
I am designing a custom display (400x272) for Volumio, running on an STM32. To display song title, send play/pause/stop commands etc. I need to establish real time communication between my display and my RasPI. My best choice would be I2C or, even better, TTL serial.
Is there any plugin available to communicate with Volumio thru serial port instead of webSockets ?
Thank you all,

Googling around I fund this plugin:
A general purpose program to display song metadata on LCD and OLED devices

Perhaps one should modify source code, adding a custom mono/bidirectional I2C protocol in order to talk to another processor instead of to a display ?


I need that too, could you find a solution?

Hi, yes I did,
I used Volumio-buddy, a python library and helper program for Volumio 2.

Using this library I developed a program that talks to Volumio on side A and to my display (custom protocol on TTL level USART) on side B