AP here (no, not the Associated Press)

Hi folks,
Good to come aboard, and I hope I can contribute.
I’m Ananthapadmanabhan Ranganathan (that’s an Indian name, in case you’re wondering)… And in order to maintain sanity, everyone just calls me AP, an abbreviation of my first name. :slight_smile:
I currently live in Brisbane, Australia.

I’m a music nut, and I love listening to classic rock, prog rock, blues, jazz, folk, trip hop and some indie bands, as well as indian and western classical and world music. I also play guitar and drums.

My current setup is a Raspberry-Pi 2B with the IQ-Audio DAC, running into a 300B SET amp, into Zu Audio Omen speakers.
I have SD cards with Volumio 2 and 1.55, and switched back and forth. I’ve been on 2 for a while now, though…

I also hope to spend some time looking at the code and contributing there / writing plugins.


Welcome AP, we’re looking forward to see your contributions!

Thanks! This is a great piece of software.
I’m also awaiting delivery of the Pi 3, Kali reclocker and piano dac, look forward to testing them all out.