Anyone using Volumio as a standalone (not networked)?

I’m asking as i’d really like to get Volumio running on my RaspPi3 b+ with it’s 7" touchscreen, specifically with my USB stick plugged in with my music library. It sounds simple enough but i’m having no luck as yet, I understand it’s intended use is healdess as a server on a networked setup - this is great but not what i’m looking for. An image of this setup using a touchscreen would be great as I struggle with setting it up myslef from scratch.



I think you can use it the way you want, but you need to have access to internet at least once for installing the “touch screen plugin”. Once this is done, you can have a standalone volumio.

Be aware that using only the touchscreen, although possible, is much less comfortable and easy than having a web UI on a portable PC: resolution, screen size, use on mouse/pointer. But it works.

Touchscreen is nice for displaying the music that is on, changing the volume, etc… But for navigation into a large music library, it’s a bit more difficult to use.

I do not know if this is any use to you, but I am running Volumio on my Pi by installing the app. on an android phone and connecting via hotspot.
I am therefore not connected to to a network. My music library is stored on a usb hard drive.

I have one not networked. Music is on a HDD connected through a powered USB hub which also powers a cheap DAC. It has a touchscreen, but driving is much easier on a phone, tablet, or laptop connected to the Volumio hotspot. The touch screen scrolling doesn’t have any momentum, so going through long lists is difficult. And the on screen keyboard is not very usable.

For installing it, my memory is that is was pretty straight forward except for stalling when installing the touch screen. I think I also had to connect a keyboard and mouse to answer some sort of interactive question during the installation. That took a while to figure out.


Why not connect via LAN to enable you to set up everything on your laptop/pc - log in at Volumio.local/playback. Then when you are all done with that you can drop the LAN and go hotspot again.

Thanks for all the responses/suggestions, just to clarify i have no use for Volumio on my network as a device and yes using it with my phone or tablet sounds more sensible, it’s just not what i need, it either works as a unit i pick up and use with my touchscreen and usb stick or i’ll find somethin else. I cannot get anything up on the screen on my raspberry aside from the log in (command line) page, i’m not sure if i should be trying to invoke a browser on it or not (?) I don’t think there’s one on there anyway as it’s just the Volumio prog that i put on the SD card.

So just to be clear i’ve installed volumio on my SD card, got it logged in on my small screen on my raspberry then moved over the laptop and connected to it over my network and installed the touchscreen plugin. This has made no difference when i boot up the raspberry as it’s the usual command line terminal where i log in. I don’t know how to raise a browser to get to Volumio from this point as presumably the installation didn’t include one as i’m not seeing a GUI desktop, just the command line screen.

I’ll persevere a bit more but i might be better off with something really basic like MOC or a similar text only player, i’ve already been stuck a week on this touchscreen prob.

thanks. :slight_smile:


If you installed the plugin correctly (i.e did you see any error while installing? did it go until the end of installation?), you should see the webUI on your touchscreen during the next reboot.

It it does not appear, you can check file /var/log/volumio.log, which will tell if any error was raised.

You can also check wether the needed process are running (xserver, chromium brower). If you still see the initial prompt login, this probably means that the x server was not launched. All this stuff is run by /opf/ Can you see this file?

Good point as it did not quite go to the end of the touchscreen plugin although it said ‘installed’, so I re-installed it and again it stops at 70% (after languages) and hangs there indefinitely, the size of my SD is 16GB so I don’t think it ran out of room. Hopefully i can get past this with some help. For the record there’s nothing more on the SD card than Volumio.

Depends on your configuration. Do you have something plugged as USB?

It seems that when something is plugged on USB to your RPI, the installation of the plugin stops at 70% (at least the progress bar). But that does not mean that the installation failed. It’s probably not a problem of room on your SD card.

Did you check in the log file when you installed the plugin? Normally, you should have seen if you had some errors.

This happened to me the first time. As I reinstalled it on another SD card, I took care to have nothing connected on USB, and it when allright to 100%. I installed in form SSH, so no need for anything plugged on USB. It looks there might be some issues when using a USB keyboard and installing this plugin (I’ve seen that in the forum), but I didn’t go into details, because it not my case.

Could you check if the /opt/ exists? That’s the one which does all the job for x server and chromium.

mistake entry

Sorry out of my depth there, i’ve jsut got a black screen and the volumio login and can’t get anywhere else from there.

Anyway thanks for the help so far but i’m tired of this program and trying to install it. In the meantime i installed ‘cmus’ as a simple MP3 player and that’ll suffice, my needs where low really and this clearly needs a lot more attention to get going.

regards. Sean