Anyone using a MarsBoard (iMX6)

Hello together,

as I have no glue dealing with Linux stuff, it would take years to be able to turn 2 MarsBoards, which I got as a gift from a costumer for whom I have to layout an iMX6 bard, into network audio player boards. Is there anybody out there who is using this board and could assist me in porting Volumino?

Best regards

Hi Erwin,

with a bit of luck, you might eventually get it working with volumio 1.55.
As you “have no glue”, this option is obviously obsolete because you would be on your own.
Using Volumio 2 would have been the better option, as it has sample build scripts for Raspberries and Odroids.
Unfortunately, the current MarsBoard linux kernel is far too old, you would need as least a version 3.18.