Anyone tried this one? (5102A)

Hi, guys,
I’m setting up my volumio system. The 1GB hdd is hooked to router already, the raspberry pi B loded with volumio 1.5, wifi all set up, but now I need a simple, and inexprensive yet good DAC. anyone tried this one? Any good?

Yes, I have one of these running on my Pi, works very well (choose Hifiberry I2s driver). I think it may be the same unit sold by Geekroo ( Geekroo has a short lirc setup in their HowTos.

Good luck

I have one too - works great. Hifiberry I2S driver.

Better or worse than hifiberry? Can one get anything better for ~30€?

Well you could try one of the PCM5122 based Pi-DACs

30.00 EUR = 23.4721 GBP = 37.5345 USD

Pi-DAC is $38
I’ll sell you one for 30€ plus P&P if the price is ultra sensitive. :slight_smile:

Pi-DAC+ is $42
I’m out of stock of these at the moment, more coming in a couple weeks.

PM me if you are interested,

Have you got hardware volume control?

Yes, PCM5122 (the big brother on the PCM5102) has hardware volume control - via i2c commands and exposed as a mixer through ALSA.

Pi-DAC+ in stock,
Pi-DAC (for the older model B raspberry pi) no stock
Pi-AMP+ (2x20w) Class D amp for use with the P-DAC+ will be available next week.

Sorry, gswg, went with the cheapshit one this time. :slight_smile:
Maybe a mistake, but have to find out if anyone is better at all.

So, the PCM5102 chineese DAC on a B board and a 24bit/96kHz file… goes or not? In my case, it sounds like a tune in fast forward. Weird. And regarding the last thread on this forum… not gonna work? Ever?

Maybe I should get something that works. Having problems with my diyinhk 5102.

Just wanted everyone to know that the dac now works ok:)
Solution: format card and flash v1.51