Anyone issue with Windows 10 2004?

Hi there,

Suddenly Volumio doesn’t recognize anymore the shared folders I have on my PC.
Strange thing is that it was without any problem so far. I haven’t change anything in my network nor on my PC, the only thing I did is update Windows 10 to the 2004 version. So I was wondering if anyone of you is having any issue with that.
Thanks in advance

Well my first stop would be to check that the Windows shares are still shares.

Hi chsims1,
actually they are, i can access them without any problem with the TV

I see from a little Googling that there are a number of people with such issues with the ‘2004’ update. For example, here with Kodi. I haven’t seen any other reports in this Community, and I don’t have a copy of Windows 10 2004 to test. Please report back when you find the solution to your issue, because I am sure it will start to filter down to other Volumio users.

Yes it seems this update is causing various kinds of problems…
For sure I will come back and post the solution if I’m able to find it.

Well, this is awkward…
It seems that my sharing options were all changed (by the update I suppose), I went through all of them and it works fine now.
The link you shared helped me in sorting out the only setting i didn’t check (the sharing password to be set as “off”)
Thank you for that

No problem as long as it’s sorted now, and ofc there is the link there for people to follow for guidance.