Anybody using a Twisted Pair Buffalo II?

I’ve been running a buffalo II via I2S for about a year now. Just wondering if anybody else uses this DAC, and how are they connected? I’m not using USB to SPDIF, and It sounds fantastic, but makes a loud pop/noise whenever manually changing tracks. I will live with the noise vs going USB/SPDIF/DAC since I think this I2S setup sounds better than SPDIF. Any input would be appreciated. Thank You! -Mike

This problem has been solved. Switched from Pi to Odroid, and added the Kali reclocker, and the system has never sounded better!

Really happy to hear that, since this is the setup I want to try next… Do you have any pictures?

Here’s a photo. This isn’t pretty. The DAC was in it’s own enclosure, but in order to keep the I2S wiring short, this is how it is for now. I am wanting to get some more hardware from Ian Canada on DIY Audio forums. He has some great accessories for the SBCs and Buffalo DACs!
Buffalo DAC .jpg

This is one of the music boxes that I am building for my daughters. Still trying to get that WiFi figured out. Sorry I’m not a software guy. I can certainly handle the hardware end of things. I’ve been an electronics tech and audio addict, for 30+ years!
Music box.jpg