Anybody tried i2s on a dddac 1794

Hi guys. I’m a total noob when it comes to dacs an raspberry pi’ s.
I have a b+ and a digi+ streaming via spdif to my dddac 1794.
A dac designed by Doede Douma. Work very well.

But, as always we audiogeeks are looking for upgrades…
The dac has a i2s input. Would it be possible to use this with b+ and volumio?
Sent Doede a email about it and he replied by saying that i would need a reclocker because of the jitter when using direct i2s?

Could someone advise/help me? I really don’t understand it.
Like i said, i’m a total noob…

I use this setup in my living room and it works great.
Doede’s dac is wonderfully musical and a pleasure to listen to, I would even say a must for tube amps.
Works perfectly with 24/92 flacs.
I didn’t measure jitter and so wouldn’t comment on Doede’s remark.
I would say go for it, I personally don’t miss at all my previous es9018 dac


You also use the is2 input?
Yes it’s a great dac. Very happy with. Mine is a bit modified.

yes i2s from rpi b+

It should work but I highly reccomand using high precision/ultra low noise clock!

Thanks, going to put in a reclocker. Waiting on a group buy for a i2s fifo with dual xo.

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Hi Zoef,

I have just recently put together a dddac 1794 box with 4 DAC modules, a Beagleboneblack module and a Twisted Pear Audio current to voltage converter. The data is I2S using Volumio and have only a couple of issues to resolve. It does work without any work on reclocking. I am still looking into data drops on some 24bit content that I seem to have a problem with. The Doede’s circuit works fine and is very quiet and musical. Hope you are having good luck with your DDDAC 1794.



Need your help! :frowning:

I have successfully setup the DDDAC 1794 with a B+ and volumio 1.55. It sounds fantastic with MP3 files in stereo, but if I want to play WAV files with red book format I get only mono output. I’ve connected the DAC board with the Pins 40, 35, 12 and GND and I’m using the Hifiberry output profile. Read on some internet pages that I need to add some modules for full 1794a support, but I couldn’t get it to run yet.

Can someone who is using DDDAC 1794 with volumio help me please?

Thank You