Antonio Vivaldi: The four seasons - recomposed by Max Richter

Actually strictly not “Now listening”, but in general very good album.

Max Richter’s album “Vivaldi: The four seasons recomposed” is very nice album. It is one of those from my collection that I tend to listen over and over again. I have digital version of it (that’s why I write about it here), but I have heard it also from vinyl at local Hi-Fi club meeting. Back then at meeting I really enjoyed listening it and added it to my wish-list.

Sound-wise it very enjoyable when listened with speakers or with headphones. Sound is very rich and full of tiny details and nuances. I really like how main violin parts are recorded - full of tiniest detail, very satisfying to hear minute dynamics and timbres created by bow on strings. Of course recording technique itself is useless without good musicians and without musical music, fortunately this album is full of them both! Daniel Hope plays so masterfully and has very musical and relaxing violin tone, accompanied by Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin. I must admit that Deutsche Grammophon has done very good sound work. I have some other albums from them and I’m not disappointed.

Overall, this album is highly recommended as pure enjoyment, but also for system auditioning reference material. Musically it is very enjoyable and relaxing, but don’t forget to complement it with some good recording of Vivaldi’s original work. If You generally don’t listen classical music, maybe this is good candidate for Your first classical album?

Album page: Product Family | RECOMPOSED BY MAX RICHTER / VIVALDI Four Seasons

Also good to go running to…

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Spaces is also good as is the Virginia Woolf album he did.

I should give these a listen too. I haven’t heard them before.

Spaces is from album “Sleep” and “From sleep”? And other is from “Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Work”?