Another update question

I’d like to update my ODROID C1 to the latest version (2.030 to 2.118). In reading the forums it looks like one can update using “apt-get update”. Is this all that one has to do to install a newer version? When I ran apt-get it looks like it got the the update from the repository but did not install it. Am I missing something?

I’d use the webpage update but it claims I’m running the latest version…


Apt-get update won’t update volumio. To do so, you can switch to dev mod doing this :
Add /dev to the IP address, press dev (or something like that, I can’t check exact term now). Remove /dev from address (normal use of volumio) and check for update.
But warning. Doing this any dev version Will be proposed, even non tested/working.

Not sure that the updater works for Odroid … not certain, but certainly at the back of my mind.