Another MQA I totally wrong

regarding to the mystery colors and MQA certified DACs or other gear when I post:

green: (MQA) processed by MQA
blue: (MQA studio) processed by MQA and approved by the artist
magenta: nothing done by MQA either they are satisfied and/or are not allowed by the artist. Therefore it is the quality which is available. That is my interpretation for “original sample rate”.

I think it may depend on the actual DAC.

For example, For Ifi Zen V2, I believe you are mostly correct about green and blue. Although I’m not sure the artist actually approving with blue. More likely someone at the studio.
But on the Zen v2, magenta is for when software is doing the first “unfold”. You’ll never get that with volumio, as it does no MQA software decode. You’d mainly see it when using the official Tidal app.

Thank you. My setup is Pi4, Volumio and the mentioned ZEN DAC V2.
Does it make a difference if I use the Tidal app on my iOs device or on a PC? I’ve read decades ago that the iPad app after a while “at least” was capable to do this first unfold?!
As I said in several posts before I cannot hear any difference. But it drives me mad when I do not know whats going on :innocent:

I’ve only used the Tidal app on android and PC; no experience with ios.

Lately I’ve only used Tidal Connect with volumio, so only Blue or Green MQA for me.

If you’re asking if there is difference in sound between Magenta and blue/green, I would assume not, but it might be DAC dependent.

Can anyone name me a Tidal track which has to show magenta when the MQA DAC does it’s work till the end correctly?

Based on my understanding, for the Zen V2 at least, every MQA track should should magenta, if using the official Tidal app to do the first unfold.
I personally haven’t tested this, as I’m happy with either blue or green when using volumio with Tidal Connect.

This is exact the confusion I have since a long time. But why would they name blue and green MQA??
With Tidal app on Android and iOS I get these. The only way to see magenta is via Roon or Audirvana.
For me too it’s also ok with green or blue and I cannot imagine to hear a difference.
But what the f… is the correct answer?
Get mad about it.
Maybe the Tidal apps for Android and Apple DO NOT the first unfold?

It is very confusing, and I’m not 100% sure I’m right.

But I think you should be able to get Magenta with the official Tidal app doing the first unfold.
I know for sure the android Tidal app does the first unfold because my HiBy FC3 indicates MQA and that DAC can ONLY do the second unfold. It wouldn’t show up as MQA at all if the Tidal app did not do the first unfold.

Clear as mud, right?

Miracle…all over.
So, when I use the Tidal app and choose Volumio as “speaker” I get blue and green.
If I use the Tidal app and Roon or Audirvana I can choose my DAC direct as output and get magenta.
I’ve read it very often here before, but I was not willing to believe: Volumio is the obstacle.
Finished. Thanks everyone.

@Xhorder How is your way?
F.e. Android phone > Tidal app > Volumio as output > Zen DAC V2 >

Yes, that is what I use normally:

Android phone/tablet > Tidal App > select Output to Volumio (Tidal Connect)> Volumio> USB DAC Zen v2> Denon AVR.
With that i get either blue or green for MQA. (Can’t get Magenta because volumio does not do first unfold)

Then I understood. I thought to remember that the Tidal app does the first unfold?? Maybe that was wrong remembered. Thank you for your patience. And keep enjoying music in green and blue as I do :grinning:

I could be wrong…but here goes.
I have had a few ifi products & also went through months of frustration with this.

I believe the magenta dot is their own proprietary signal for when the ifi dac is doing the complete mqa biz from start to finish, ie if you had a pure mqa source file with no tidal etc doing the 1st unfold for you.

I decided at the end of the day it wasn’t worth worrying about. If you like the mqa sound then it’s going to sound :+1:

Totally agree with you about the sound. It is absolutely great. For me! Others may have different meanings.
What I do not believe is that the “miracle magenta” is iFi specific. Since a couple of days I own a Hindizs DA80s as a kind of mobile solution for music to-go.
Setup is:
Sony XPeria 10 III > DA80s > headphones
Using either the Tidal app or UAPP (USB Audioplayer Pro)
every single Tidal MQA awakens the magenta light.
But anyway…I like it.