Angelo here, ciao from Italy

Hello everyone, Angelo from Italy here!
I missed this very section so I did a little presentation inside my first post in an existing thread, so as I’m now aware about the ‘Introduce Yourself’ section I think it’s appropriate to introduce myself here… DIYer and music lover since I was little more than a child, after many decades (I’m 57) I still strongly prefer to build (and possibly design) every device that I’d like to use in the audio field: last thing I built is a couple of Dipolo loudspeakers, very satisfied with the results as well as all the people that listened them so I’m very encouraged to continue to build something.
One thing that I don’t have in my audio system is a streamer/player device, for HD stereo and maybe even MCH music, as I always preferred to use physical supports such SACD, DVD-A and BR… lately I have seen some very interesting DIY devices built with both Raspberry’s and/or fanless mini-pc so another spark has struck and now I started to design a 43cm wide case that could possibly contain up to two Raspberry’s, one of which as a player with a DAC hat already bought and the other as LMS streamer, a mini-pc and up to two touchscreens, one regular 5/7" and one wide 8/10/11", of course it depend on whether it is possible to build in such a way.
I have a lot to read, plan and evaluate, very easily the project will change during the work depending on new ideas, unexpected problems/incompatibilities or even major software changes so I’ll have to be good to adapt at new situations and challenges and have a lot of patience.
I don’t know when, but I hope I’ll be able to show you the final design and the work in progress.
Thank you for your patience in reading the whole post!
Best regards


Hi @AngeloMM

Not sure why you opt for 2 devices as both LMS and Volumio can run on one.
In my setup I use an Odroid N2 for Volumio and LMS which works without any problems.
2nd setup i use an HP elitedesk 800 mini, running both Volumio and LMS.

Hi Wheaten, only because I’d like to have the RPi 4 fully dedicated to the player and the DAC hat having another RPi working as LMS, I’d expect (maybe I’m wrong) a better performance.
I’d use LMS on the 2nd RPi even for the fanless mini-pc, if the configuration will be feasible.

Not really, you almost never use them at the same time. When used together It’s LMS sending streams over uPnP to Volumio.

Good to know that, thank you… for sure plenty of tests to do, the more I dig into the more the whole project become an interesting challenge!

maybe squeezelite mc is something.

Hello Michel, thank you very much for that quote!

The plugins created by @patrickkfkan are really top notch and he’s very responsive when there are issues.