Android Phone App not finding device (Pi)

Hoping for some help on this one: my Phone Android app won’t find my device (Pi). I can control it fine from a Web browser, and from the App on my Android tablet.

I’ve tried uninstalling/re-installing, rebooting phone, no luck.

I might have broken it by fiddling with network IDs - set the phone hotspot to spoof the home WiFi- gave it same name and password. This worked OK - could stream fine out in the field, but this is when the not finding problem started. Now that I’ve gone back to the regular setup, running off the home WiFi again, still no findy.

On the App I tried ‘Manual wireless setup>Select a network’, but the select button does nothing.

All suggestions gratefully received (helpful ones :)).

Ah. Fixed it. Just went into Settings > Apps > Manage>Volumio clear all data (something like that).