Android App Weird

Running v3.251 mostly from my desktop (Win10). No problems there. However, I like to wander around my apartment and control music from the app as well as from the desktop. In the last week, when I open the app the first time since rebooting the phone, everything works fine. If I switch apps and in an hour or so try to come back to Volumio on my phone, it just shows an infinite circle and never connects, unless I reboot the phone.

I’m running Android 12 last update (hmmm) May 17, right around the time things seem to have gone sideways.

I’ve seen in the threads a suggestion that the problem may be with my wifi strength. That’s not even remotely the problem. I’ve been using this setup for a couple of years with zero issues.

Thanks for checking this out.

Which phone model do you have?

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Samsung S71.

You mean a Samsung galaxy a71

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It’s a miracle! The glitch disappeared!

No idea why. Nothing’s changed. But since it works as it’s supposed to, it’s almost certainly not replicable. So, it makes no sense to treat this as an issue.

Thanks, though.

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Lately (for the past month or so), I have been experiencing this issue with the android app. I’m mostly using Pixel 7 Android 13 but I see the issue happening on older samsung tablets, and motorola phones as well.

Most of the times, “looking for device” just keeps spinning and never lists any of my three volumio pis. There are wierd instances when it would just work instantly and I have no idea what triggered it to work or what’s the difference between the many times it didn’t work and the few times it does. I have also noticed that in the instances where it does list and allow me to control devices, If I exit the app and go back in, I get the hanging “looking for device again”.

Any help or troubleshooting tips is greatly appreciated.