[Android App] Share spotify links with volumio

I wrote a little android app that allows you to share spotify links from the spotify android app to volumio. I prefer the spotify android app interface while searching for playlists/artitst/albums. Attached is the apk and some sreenshots.

How to use
Hit share on the android spotify app, select “Send to Volumio” and give it the hostname you use to access volumios webpage. Hit “Share” and you’re done!

The app is open source (GPL V2) and is hosted here - github.com/abhinandh/Spotio
Link to the apk - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3113/Spotio.apk

Yes, material design goodness :smiley: Let me know what you guys think!

Edit: Now on the play store! Uploaded to the play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=oss.abnd.volumiospotifyhelper

Huge respect bro!
Rushing home to try it!!!

Sounds good :smiley:
Any chance it will hit the Google android market play store thing?

No adds please :mrgreen:

If you want I can set up a Volumio account on play store. We can put all Volumio related apps there.
I will open Volumio Play Store account, give you credentials and you could upload it there.
Let me know what you think

AWESOME!!! It works like a charm…

Huge, huge, huge respect!

Glad you guys like it! Thanks to everyone who was involved in making such a wonderful distro, you guys rock! :slight_smile:

michelangelo, a volumio account in the play store sounds good to me. I was wondering what the license of the volumio logo is, can I use it here?

Ok, I’ll open a Volumio account on Google Play and send you credentials. Could you drop me a PM with your gmail please?
As for the logo, you can use it. I was about to tell you…

Got the invite. Sill can’t send PMs. Need. To. Post. More. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work! I see it published!
However, the name spotio is already taken by another app, this could cause us copyright problems.
What about volutify? (my best bet would be volumify but already taken…)
Or simply Volumio Spotify Share…
Let me know, after this I will write some PR about it

Hello. This looks great. However, I installed the app via the google play store but when I click on share in the spotify app, the option for share to Volumio does not exist. Is there something simple I am doing wrong? A setting somewhere? The Google play store shows the app as being installed.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

in addition to what I stated earlier, when I click share I am only given the option to “post to” and “send to” and am not given the option to share via any app I have. For example, I have Bubbleupnp, but it does not appear like in the screen shot above. I feel like there is something very simple i am overlooking here.

Thanks again for any advice!

Yeah is quite tricky to find but:

  • Share -> Post to -> Other -> Send to Volumio

Et voilà!

Thanks! It works really well. This seems to be as close to Spotify Connect functionality as can be done without actually having access to Spotify Connect. It’s nice using the Spotify app to browse and select music. Volumio is getting nicer every week!

I installed it, App sends the link but Volumio does nothing. I need to use a premium account? I suppose it is my fault.

Thanks for your help!!

Nice & smart Android App, thanks for sharing
By the way, is there any kind of similar way to send a link to Volumio from Spotify on Windows ?

I install app from googleplay, but I don’t have app on my list of apps

You don’t need to…
Just open spotify, select the track, click sent to, others and send to volumio :wink:

Spotify on Volumio requires a premium account


I have a problem in the Android APP

Volumio is running on rpi2.
I start the Android APP, select a song, and go to share -> others-> volumio, and i get only a Message: ‘Info: Error sending link to volumio’

I use android 5.0 on nexus 7

Thank you


I got the same message: ‘Info: Error sending link to volumio.’

Nexus 5 on Android 4.4.4.