An other steampunk player

This is another Musik Player based on Volumio2.
From left to right you will find:

The source (akku and charging electronics)
USB speaker electronics with hoern speaker an speaker for base going down to the table
The player, with Raspberry Pi3 and Volumio2 using the GPIO Plugin to controll the switches.

Have a look inside:

The power source is a ready to use batterie pack just build inside the case.

The speaker unit has a MP3 - speaker elctronics and two mini speakers. One inside the horn (build from an oldtimer brass horn and a lamp cable cover). The other inside the case to make a good base sound.

The player, just a Raspberry Pi and some toggle switches. The switches on the front are for play/pause volume +/- and next/previous.
The toggle switch on the back is for shutting down the player.

The whole “how to” can be found here:

Have fun everybody!


Interesting project Horatius