an error occured during adding share

Trying to add a windows share to my library with the following details:


and get the error
an error occured during adding share

System version 0.861 on raspberry pi B+

any help pls?

Does the problem occur with NFS or SMB share(s)?

It is a windows share 7 share. NFS i guess.


Is the share browseable in SSH? Also, especially in the case of NFS, have you checked the rights to the share?

being a newbie can you please provide more info on how to browse through ssh?

Windows permissions is accessible to everyone rw

solved it. thanks for the PROMPT responses volumio forum. next time i wont even bother.

Sorry you feel that way. You have to remember that this is free software and much of the support is provided by the other users in the volumio community who don’t use the forum daily.

Glad to hear that you now have it working. Care to share what the problem was as it may help someone else in future?

Thank you for the reply. I did a factory reset on the volumio and after that it seemed to pass share. I needed to input a username and password though.

This is what i`ve input:

username:name (note no server\name)

On the windows side, it is a simple share with everyone read permissions.

Out of interest have you turned off password protected sharing?

Go to Control Panel > Network and sharing center > Change advanced sharing settings > Enable Turn Off password protect sharing option.

That may be why you need a username and password.

Thank you for your reply. Password protected sharing was indeed enabled. As soon as i disabled it there was no need to set a password in volumio. Since this is also servers both as my kid and “personal” content source, password protecting is a necessity for me now.

Btw file system was cifs. with nfs it did not mount the drive at all.